The Latest News About Orange Wines

The two Orange wines available at Ellison's.

Orange wine isn’t just a trend, it’s a glimpse into what wine may have been like thousands of years ago.

What is Orange Wine?

Orange wine is a type of white wine made by extending contact with grape skins (and seeds) during winemaking. Orange wines often taste more like dry red wines because they have tannin.

Most orange wines aren’t sweet and have bold, honeylike aromas like jackfruit (a fleshy tropical fruit), hazelnut, brazil nut, bruised apple, wood varnish, linseed oil, juniper, sourdough, and dried orange rind.

Because of their boldness, orange wines pair well with equally bold foods. In fact, some of the best matches with orange wines include foods that are hard to pair with other wines.

Unlike red or white wines, orange wines hold up to both beef or fish

Orange winemaking hails from ancient traditions. We can find these techniques used as far back as 5,000 years ago in what is now Georgia.

Originally, orange wines were fermented in large buried earthenware amphorae called Qvevri (“Kev-ree”) which were closed with flagstones and sealed with beeswax. There were no additives, not even yeast.

During fermentation, the wine is exposed to lots of oxygen which morphs fresh fruit and flower aromas into aromas like bruised apple and honey. Over time, wines taste nutty.

After an aging period, wines emerge from the amphora with a clear, rich amber color. The color comes from lignin in the grape seeds and astringent tannin comes from skin contact during fermentation.

Ellison’s has 2 different orange wines. The first is the Emiliana Animalia D.O. Valle de Casablanca from Chile, which pairs well with cheese, charcuterie, white meats and fish. Secondly we have Cremale Recas from Romania, a wonderful wine for sipping and chatting and is great with pasta dishes and seafood.